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Perhaps you've been hearing about the book
& recently released video "Left Behind."
Read an "exciting" excerpt from this book

PSP Tutorials


  This page will be under constant construction and is being created at the present time to post homework assignments from classes I will be taking at ZD University.

  Due to the fact that my quilting site is full, I have added the garden swap blocks on this page.


Homework Created for PSPUG SLP Programme


PSP Homework

Click on Paint Shop Pro to get to my homework site.

Homework done at Beach University



Paint Shop Pro Users Group had a Trivia Night (How Much Do You Know About Paintshop Pro?) July 17, 1999. The winner of the Paint Shop Pro Users Group Trivia Contest will be given "GURU STATUS".
Below is the award I won. I guess the various classes I've been taking to learn Paint Shop Pro paid off. I guess I knew more than I thought. It was a very close contest and lots of fun. Hope to see you all at the next one.

Trivia Winner

Thank you Paint Shop Pro Users Group


PSP Users Group PSP Study Sessions JASC
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Checking Webrings Webring Manager Volunteer Leader
Past and Present Volunteer Positions I have held with PSPUG

Daring Kitten!!
The "Daring Kitten Award" for completing 13 challenges in PSPIZ Challenges.

I've recently joined Web Club (a bit different than a web ring) It is fast becoming a genuine friendship club.  Check it out!


My Addiction
You can get this image too, :-) just click on image to go to site.


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