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Garden Swap

The following blocks were made by myself and others for a Garden Swap. I'm not exactly sure yet what I am going to make with them. At the present time, I am working on getting a double bed quilt made out of the blocks from the Kitty Block Swap.

To see a block in its full size splendor, please click on the thumbnail.

Orange butterfly
My lily
Purple butterfly
Above four blocks made by me

Ann's trees
Debbie's butterfly
Debbie's basket
Debbie's flower
Ann in Al
Above three blocks made by Debbie

Red & Yellow Butterfly
 Blue Butterfly
Cuddly Bunny
Bleeding Heart
Above four blocks made by me

Linda's hat
Linda's trowel
Jass' flower
Jass' birdhouses
Both made by Linda in N.J.
Both made by Jass in Luxembourg, Europe

Bunny with carrot
 Corn on the cob
Above four blocks made by me

Joann' apple
Judith's snail
Judith's sleeping flower
Martha's squash
Made by Joann
Both made by Judith in Wa
Made by Martha

My squirrel
My strawberries
My watermelon
Rita Denenberg's Garden Trellis
Above blocks made by me
Above block pattern from EQ4's library, (made by me) designed by Rita Denenberg

Nancy's watering can
Nancy's snail
 Nancy's Bird house
I'm an unknown squirrel
Above three blocks made by Nancy
Who Made Me?

Padded Cherries
Stuffed Pussy Willows
Stuffed Grapes
Stuffed Buds
Stuffed Pink Flower
Ruched Flower
Above six blocks made by me using techniques in Anita Shackelford's book Three-Dimensional Applique & Embroidery Embellishment. Not made for the swap, but will be included in the quilt that I put together.

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                                     Remember please, I've only just begun!! I hope to get much, much better.

                                     Page posted June 18,1999