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Not Raggedy Raggedy

               Aliasing is jagged edges around an image. Anti-aliasing is the
               process of bluring sharp edges in pictures to get rid of the
               jagged edges on lines.
               I can tell I'm gonna do great in this class. NOT! I couldn't tell
               the difference and thought perhaps it was due to the thickness
               of the font. I did them again with a different font which is
               narrower and still can't tell the difference. I have seen the
               difference on the pages of others.

No Jagged Edges All Jagged Edges

               When that didn't look any different to me I then enlarged
               each image.

Jag On Jag Off
                "WELLA!" Now I can see a difference.

Buggy Circles Funny Face Attempt to Flower
Circles, Ellipses
& Lines
Bezier Lines Bezier Flower

               I used Linear Gradient fill for the background. I did it before I
               read about it and now realize that because the gradient fill uses
               thousands of (in this case) different greens, it should have been
               saved as a jpg instead of a gif.
               This comment I heard on the quilting list I belong to came to mind
               as I was working with the bezier line.
               "This is probably a simple one. I tried to draw a Zuni Bear
               (a Native American symbol) to use as an applique on a quilt. Used
               the bezier/arc tool which, I swear is like trying to tame spaghetti,
               it had me in gales of laughter as my bear looked more like an
               anteater in one incarnation!"
               I had just recently tried working with the line in PSP, and the fact
               that the bezier line in the quilting software is much easier to work
               with really tickled my funny bone.
               I did the flower after I went and read "Intro to Bézier Curves." It
               sure was a lot easier. I also saved this as a jpg because of the
               gradient background.

Stretched out of Shape Lots of Noise
Horizontal Perspective
@ 62%
Random Noise
@ 56%,soften
Pinched Windy Day
Pinch @ 83%
Wind from left @ 8
Buttonized using
solid edge
Buttonized & Embossed
transparent edge
Buttonized using
transparent edge

          I like the look of the transparent edge much better.

         I used erode on the text of the following buttons.


                This is a signature which is saved as a transparent gif but
               doesn't look it here. I imagine because the background is not
               white. I used the halo effect and added some images from
               tubes. They are so much fun.

                This signature was made using the textured background with
                the cutout effect and drop shadow.

                 It is amazing to me how much I have learned and am
              able to do already in just a few days.

               The PSP image on my Home page was made using the textured
               background. Having learned about vspace and hspace, my images
               are not actually lined up too badly. They were all over the page
               before. Back in my school days if anyone had told me learning
               could be this much fun, I'd have told them they were crazy.
               Whee!!!!! This forest scene in Chapter 16 looks very intimidating

               This is a picture of Brandy when she was a puppy. I scanned it in
               at 100dpi at 50%. I saved it in several different formats. Three are
               shown here. I can't see any difference in the quality (but maybe
               that's just me.) I can definitely see a difference in file size and as a
               result longer loading times on web pages.


Brandy as a Puppy
Saved as a jpg
file size is 3 KBs
solid edge
Saved as a gif
file size is 18 KBs
Saved as a png
file size is 38 KBs

               I also saved the same picture as a bmp--58 KBs, a tif--49 KBs,
               and at psp--85 KBs. I have been hearing that png is the coming
               thing,so I was surprised the file was large as it was. The biggest
               surprise was the psp file. I never dreamed it would be the largest
               Haven't had the chance to check out
               "" yet, but something tells me I
               probably could have saved myself a lot of typing. Plan to check it
               out very soon, though.

Serenity All Homework Listings Lesson 2