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Paint Shop Pro


First used 2 photos acquired from the web and performed image aritmetic. These pictures can be viewed in Lesson Two. Then using CeeJay's tutorial made this globe using layers.


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The globe actually went quite well. But, then I don't know what happened. Nothing would go right, so needless to say this page looks terrible. I tried and tried and tried to save the title, the buttons, and the bars as transparent backgrounds and no matter what I did it wouldn't work. That is why they all have either a gray or a white background, trying to make them at least look okay on this page. Hopefully, next lesson I'll learn how!!!!

  Cute Kittens I created a couple of tubes using the same images but improving on them each time. They look a little blurry here, probably because I reduced their size. I had them available to download but, as you can tell, I need practice, so I removed them. I'm thrilled with the fact that I actually figured out how to zip up the file and make it avaiable to download.


I did a search for tubes and could have kept looking & looking & looking.

Here are just a few links for tubes that I found


Tubes, Tutorials, Etc.
Tubes are way, way down on the page.

Tube Store


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  Reflections I had a really hard time getting this sailboat project correct, but thanks to a wonderful group of students in the classroom, I finally figured it out.

  Roaring Lion The other project in the book, "The Lion's Roar", I did a little differently. On the text layer, I added cut out, drop shadow and random noise effects. After changing the text layer from 'Floating' to 'Promoted Selection' and renaming it, I changed the blend mode to dissolve instead of overlay as suggested in the book.

  The original picture of Giz (dog) wasn't that clear to begin with. After doing the first try, I realized the eraser size could be changed, (it was set at about 21 and was erasing much more than I wanted it to) so I tried again but decided to change it a little. I like the effect much better. I mirrored the original photos, and erased on successive layers and then smudged it all together. The Paint Shop Pro Title at the top of this page is a layered image, also. I am doing a photo quilt and need to change photo some. I think with practice I may be able to do it.
Huge & Tiny Napping
Original Photo
Original Photo
Giz & Kitten Two of Each
First Try
Final Try

I cropped the pen in the original image and added two more layers, each with a pen on it. Rotated the pens and added drop shadows to them. Added my signature as another layer and realized it would look better used as a letterhead. Added text to show an appointment. I think I'm going to really enjoy working with layers once I get the hang of it.
Notepad Appointment Stationary
Original Image
First Try
Slightly Different



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  These were my first attempts at creating web images with picture tubes. Basically, the second attempt was better, but I'm still unable to make the images transparent.
Lesson 4
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Original GrayScale Colorized
Original Image Gray Scale Colorized using
Cut & Paste
Original GrayScale Colorized Colorized
Original Image Gray Scale Gray Scale
16 colors
16 Colors
Original image was a bitmap which I reduced in size (maybe reason it looks blurry?) and then gray scaled. In the third image the gray scale was reduced to 16 colors and the last image was also reduced to 16 colors. There are 16160 colors in the original and only 16 colors in the reduced one. The 16 color images look as good or better than the originals.


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