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Paint Shop Pro


  My Sparkles I made the sparkles and finally figured out why I couldn't make the grey bubbles work, so I had to do something with it. It is not transparent, the background is the same as the pages.

The following images are the original image I obtained from CD's or made myself
(as the signature) and then made transparent. I have yet to work more with it, but at
this time it appears that you cannot use anything other than solid colors and unable
to work with tubes in transparent images.


Birthday Balloons
Transparent Balloons
Original with text added
Transparent balloons
Signature made using tubes for flowers
Transparent signature.
You have to look hard to find it.
Bible Vine
God's Word
Bible vine image with text I added
God's word made transparent
Carpenter's Wheel
Transparent Quilt Block
Quilt block I added background to
so it would show up better.
transparent quilt block
I might use as an icon.
113 years old
113 Cropped
Mamie at 113 years old.
Photo cropped
Mamie Floating
Sculpted using magic wand.
Not good for this photo.
Floating photo,
sculpted using lasso tool.



  My background was made as a seamless background tile. I opened a new image, used the options in the book to make a textured background using parchment as the texture. Using the rectangle tool, I selected a small section to make seamless. Under selection, converted to seamless. Saved it as a gif.

On my image map the flowers in the border were under the images, and I didn't know how to get rid of them. Bout drove me crazy until I finally realized that I had set the table background using my background image instead of a solid color. I have tried playing around a little with an image map for my main web site. I created it in Front Page Express and uploaded it using WS_FTP95LE. I've tried and tried but for some reason I can't get the proper background or the 2 blank images to show up. They've been uploaded. I'm going to keep messing with it, so if it looks okay you know I got it fixed. If you'd like to see it. Go to Image Map

  As you can see in the next few images, I finally learned how to make images using tubes and/or textures transparent.



Image Map Lesson 3 Lesson 4a