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There is no smaller size file achieved by optimizing in text transitions.


  I do realize that I would be crazy to put all this animation on a page, but for now I guess I kinda got carried away (for Learning sake!) Ha!Ha!

Obtained roses from CD, resized and recolored them.
Using optimization wizard at level 4 file size is 24KB. Optimizing at level 3 raises the file size to 25KB and results in loss of color, so I saved them at level 4 and resized them bringing file size down to 23KB.
Blooming RosesThat animation didn't really do what I expected, so I tried creating another. I like this one much better, even though it only began with two images whereas the other uses 4 different roses..Roses

  On the cardinals using optimization wizard at level 4 file size is 24KB. Moving down to level 3 looses color but increases file size to 25KB. Tried to resize the cardinals, file size increased to 167K. Don't really understand that. Changeable Cardinal I see now, (even though you can't.) I added rotate colors to the file and changed the file. Went back and resized the original cardinals and the file size dropped down to 21K.
Animated Cardinal



  The bells were the same way, increased file size and loss of color. Resized bells, file size down to 12KB.
Christmas Bells

  I have set the display time quite high, (over 100). Not sure if that is the way to slow them down or not.

  I am having so much fun! I love this animation!


Image Map Lesson 4 Lesson 4b