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Turning Cutout's into Tubes


Cats in Tubes

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This tutorial has been created based on a variety of different tutorials I have seen on the internet.
In this tutorial you will learn to make cutout images using dingbat fonts and turning them into tubes.
You will also learn how to delete tubes in PSP5

You can download this zip file Dingbat Cats if you wish and install in your fonts directory,
or you may use one of your own choosing.

1. Open new image 300 X 300
      Transparent Background
      16 mil colors
New Image Screen
2. Click in center of your image
      Select text of your choice.
      I've used Dingbat Cats 2
      Captial Letter O
      Size 200
      Antialias checked

      Do Not Deselect

Select Text
3. Apply a Cutout effect
      ("Image | Special Effect | Cutout")
      Set with shadow Black.
      Opacity is 45
      blur is 4
      vertical size 3
      horizontal size 3

      Do Not Deselect

Cutout EffectCutout Effect 2  Cutout Settings
4. Choose Drop Shadow effect
      ("Image | Special Effects |
      | Drop Shadow")
      Set with White
      Opacity is 100
      blur is 1
      vertical size 1
      horizontal size 1


Drop Shadow EffectDrop Shadow  Drop Shadow Settings
You can play with the settings and change them to your preferences.
Sometimes no blur on the white drop shadow works with it to suit your preferences.
5. Click on File, Export, Picture Tube
      Fill in the blanks, if necessary.
      Cell Arrangement and Placement
      Options are filled in for you if
      you only have one image.
      Be sure to name your tube.
Export Picture Tubes                    Picture Tube Settings
6. Click Ok
7. Your cutout image in the tube is ready to use.
8. Open a new image, color of choice (I've found it doesn't seem to work well on black)
     Try out your tube.
9. If you find you don't like your new
      tube, you can open the Tubes.ctl
      file in Notepad and delete it.
Tubes.ctl location
Screen Capture shows where Tubes.ctl is
located in your Tubes Folder
Scroll down to the lines that have the
title you just gave the new tube
(there should be 8 lines).
Highlight all 8 lines, delete them.
Save your file.

You may have to exit out of tubes and reclick it on your toolbar for the change to take effect.
Tubes.ctl shown in Notepad

Well, that's it folks! Happy Tubing....




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